Entire M

The work horse. Big enough for all your recording needs, small enough to fit in your studio. Ideal for classical, folk, jazz, metal, pop, and rock music.

In basalt grey with super-matt scratch-resistant finish

Model EM145
Transducer 100 mm (4,5") full-range
Nominal impedance 8 Ω
On axis frequency response 36 ... 20 kHz ±3 dB
Attainable room response* 52 ... 18 kHz at 0 dB
Continuous power (peak power) 40 W (75 W)
Sensitivity 88,4 dB/W/m
Nominal dimensions 372 × 232 × 248 mm
Nominal weight 8,8 kg
Loudspeaker connector ø 4 mm (banana)
Recommended amplification power 80 ... 100 W per channel 
Recommended room size * 10 ... 30 sq.m.
Recommended use Nearfield sound monitor, front or centre channel loudspeaker
Available packaged as Single unit (mono channel) or pair (stereo channel)
Accessories sold separately Loudspeaker cables, wall and ceiling mounts, stands
Delivery time 3 – 4 weeks

Technical specifications are explained in detail in the user guides section. Keyofd reserves the rights to change the technical specifications without any prior notice. Valid as of April 2018.