What does Entire sound like?

The Entire® Sound
Entire uses patented technology for reproducing sound that is an accurate representation of real and natural sounds of voices, musical instruments and acoustic spaces which a human ear is accustomed to.

Even though sound is a precise function of the amplitude and frequency of vibrating air at a given temperature: an objectively measurable, verifiable and reproducible phenomenon of nature, the perception of sound is highly subjective and unique to each of us. So when we consider the objective and subjective properties of sound, and consider we must, we soon realise that there is no music without an ear.

Human hearing is quite peculiar. We are most sensitive to sounds in the mid-frequencies; the ones that correspond to a human voice. As a consequence the music we make and listen to relies predominantly on the mid-frequencies to express itself. Since Entire is designed for the human ear, it makes music sound as it was made to be heard.

With crystal clear mids and highs, deep yet precise bass and accurate stereo imaging, Entire is just as suitable for casual listening as it for sound monitoring.

A single full-range transducer mimicking a single point source which reproduces most of the audible sounds.

No phase issues as there are no multiple sound sources that can affect the phase response, thus giving you a sharp stereo image.

Patented design allows for extended low frequency response and precise transient response in a relatively small enclosure. You thus hear deep yet tight bass, and crisp mids and highs.

No audio processing or crossover circuits inside, so the sound reproduced is as good as your source.

Available in four models each designed with specific acoustic and room considerations in mind.

Listen to Entire

Every now and then Entire goes on a road-trip, a tour of sorts. We organise listening sessions and events, and private demos for promoting Entire. You will find the list of upcoming events along with the cities where we are present. Write to us for booking personalised demos or subscribe to our newletter for updates on our tour schedule.

Demo and retail locations
Austria Vienna Klangfarbe
Finland Helsinki
France Paris
Germany Berlin
Sweden Stockholm
United States San Francisco

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